Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wooden Flooring for Everlasting Floors!

Flooring can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your home. It will also contribute to the resale value and enhance the ambience of a home. Over the years, the flooring trends have changed from red oxide to tiles — mosaic, marble or granie. But one style that continues to be in demand is wooden flooring.

However, although wood is a part of a live-in routine in the U.S. or most European countries, it's still a part of an opulent lifestyle in India, yet to knock at the doors of the so-called average customer. There may be thousands of homes and offices in India with wooden flooring, but is still a small percentage when compared to people going in for an array of synthetic alternatives available in the market. The time ripe to make your dream homes and apartments in Bhubaneswar with wooden flooring that will cherish forever.

But wooden flooring surely has several advantages. This type of flooring adds value warmth and style to new as well as newly renovated homes and wood floors can last more than 100 years with regular maintenance and repair if needed.  Wood floors are also very durable and very resistant to daily living wear and tear. Wood floors require very low maintenance. On these wood floors of today, there are stains and finishes that require a sweeping or a vacuuming once or twice a week. Once a week you can use a wood floor cleaning product to keep up the shine. Wood flooring is very affordable. Unlike tiles or stone, wood floors can maintain their value and they hardly loose their looks. 

This apart, wood floors are ecologically friendly. Being a natural resource, wood is both renewable and recyclable. In fact, wood cast away often finds a second life in wooden flooring. In addition, wood does not collect dust and other allergens, which means, such floors are the perfect choice for a healthy home.  In fact, houses with wood flooring sell faster and for higher prices than houses without wood floors. Available in variety of hues and texture, laminated and engineered, wooden flooring is available in several options. Whether you are looking for traditional oak, rustic pine, exotic wenge or trendy bamboo, you are sure to find a color and style to fit your d├ęcor. So, if you haven’t thought about wood floors as yet, now is the time. 

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