Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Impression Essential To Sell Your House

If you had been thinking of letting your house out on rent or for sale, the task isn’t easy. The house should be planned in such a way that it attracts potential buyers in the very first look. As a result, the curb appeal is an important factor. First impressions last long. When people walk into your home with the intention of buying it, they are imagining their life in that home. Just like selling any other commodity, your house has to look attractive and useful to catch their attention. 

But it takes a lot more than sparkling windows, scented candles and chocolate-chip cookies to sell a home in today's market. There are several factors that should be taken into consideration to make the house a worthwhile proposition for the buyers.  The best thing to do is to stage your house. The process of getting your house ready for sale is called staging.

Maintaining basic hygiene and keeping the house clean at all times is very essential. A home should be shown to its best advantage. Buyers should not get distracted by dust bunnies. Deep clean your home from top to bottom and inside out. Buyers experience a home also with their noses. Cleaning should take care of some of the odours that live in your home.

Ensure that the house is in good condition – electricity fittings, plumbing, gas lines, front yard and backyard. If not, get the repairs done. Nobody wants to be stuck with additional expenditures on a new purchase. Make the décor attractive. Put in some new furnishings and show pieces. Rather than going by your taste and preferences, go for neutral shades and furnishings that generally appeal to the eye. Your objective is to make your house look as good as new – so make sure there are no cracked walls, chipped paint, broken windows, etc. This apart, one of the best ways to make a home feel alive would be to add houseplants and fresh-cut flowers. Such touches to every room of the house will make a huge difference. If you have a lawn or a garden in your front yard, keep it trimmed and healthy at all times. This is the first thing that a buyer looks at.

Treat your home as a product to be sold not given. You have to discuss yourself from the house. You have to tell yourself on the idea that. It is a house, a product to be sold." You have to keep your emotions aside and start thinking that this home will soon belong to other people and that you have to "let go". It is not easy to your home, but if you try doing it, it can make a big difference to sell your home fast.

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