Monday, August 13, 2012

Eco-friendly Flooring For Your Apartments

The flooring in a building breathes life in terms of décor and aesthetics. A new class of external flooring materials is revolutionising the construction sector. This is the super world of exclusive eco-friendly external flooring blocks and tiles from many leading companies available in the market. The green consciousness in housing has now permeated the flooring industry and changed the perspective on this essential element of a home.

With Bhubaneswar touted as the real estate hub of eastern India, a lot of builders and designers are going the eco-friendly way. Choosing a green floor can decrease your environmental footprint, as well as reduce levels of toxicity and increase energy efficiency. And, ceramic tiles available in an unending array of colors, finishes and designs are the best choice in this regard. As due to their long life span, tiles need to be replaced less often which means less waste in landfills as well as reduced energy requirements for new product manufacturing, transportation and installation.

Besides, ceramic tiles today are also manufactured using anti-bacterial technology, which kills germs and significantly cuts on some of the most polluting agents present in the air, reducing odour and giving a germ-free environment.

There are several other advantages associated with ceramic tiles in fact apart from their aesthetic appeal and durability. Ceramic tiles provide better traction than most stone tiles and are resistant to water and stains in most cases. Moreover, these tiles are waterproof and not very porous, making them easy to clean thoroughly.

Besides, in contrast to other flooring materials, ceramic tiles do not contain toxic chemicals or coatings and doesn't harbor harmful, dust or dust mites like carpets, besides if laid with VOC (volatile organic compound) free mortars and grouts it offers a green flooring alternative. Also tiles unlike wood, carpet or natural stone flooring do not require high maintenance or chemical protective finishes such as polishing, shampooing, stripping or waxing. In fact ceramic, porcelain or higher grade vitrified tiles are all made from natural clay usually found in close proximity to the factories, eliminating destruction of natural resources like wood or hard mining for natural stones thereby preserving environment.

Besides their long life span, another advantage is that in the event of irreparable damage to part of the floor, one does not have to replace the whole floor but only the damaged tiles, which makes ceramic tiles even more economical. 

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