Monday, July 23, 2012

Vastu Guidelines to Increase Positivity in Home

The elements of Vastu have come to play a role in real estate for a long time now. Vastu has a great effect on home buyers/owners as they believe that these set of principles, which have some scientific values and impacts, can bring in positivity at home and help them lead a blissful life. Over the years, there has been a clear cut demand for Vastu compliant properties in Bhubaneswar as well even though the options were limited in the past. Builders are therefore designing housing complexes and apartments as per Vastu.
Given below are a few Vastu guidelines that can be kept in mind before buying a property to usher in peace and prosperity. 

The property which you are planning to buy should not face the hills or high rise structures and towers. Buying this kind of property will slow down the progress in your life. However, if the property is facing north direction and these structures are on south then that is good and auspicious and gives protection to the house.
Sources of water like rivers, canals, lakes or ponds with clean, active and unpolluted water on north or north-east direction of the property creates beneficial energy.
One should avoid buying a property facing ‘T’ shaped roads as it affects the energy balance of the building and the health of the inmates negatively.
Avoid buying a north facing property with flyover in the front as it makes the inhabitants suffer financially and mentally in the long run.
One should avoid buying a small building between two giant buildings as the small house will always sense threatened by the taller buildings. This kind of property hampers the progress of the inhabitants and castes misfortunes.

The most important part of a house is the main entrance.  According to Vastu guidelines, it is always better to avoid buying property which has a door facing south-west direction. As negative energy enters the house from south-west direction and also brings in struggle and misfortune for the people who live in.
The ideal place for kitchen is the South-east direction. Avoid placing kitchen in the wrong direction as it may bring financial as well as health problems.

Master bedroom must be in the South-west direction and it is better if you sleep with your head positioning towards the south or west.

As per Vastu, toilets and bathrooms should be in south-west corner or in south west direction of the apartment. Since, the wind flows from north-east to south-west direction and if a toilet is placed in the north-east direction then the wind will enter the room flowing through the toilet, which will contaminate the air flow in the rooms.

Inside or the centre of the apartment/house should be spacious and clean, ensure this area receives good amount of natural light. Blockage of the centre is not ideal in Vastu, so rooms, kitchen or toilets should not be placed in the centre of the house. Plan a balcony in North or East. A balcony in South is not recommended.

Cash and valuables should be placed in a cupboard on the Northern side, preferably in a room which is in Northern side. Dining Room West is the direction of Saturn, representative of the masses and therefore also of their feeding mouths and hunger. Vastu Shastra directs that the eating room should be located in the Western side of the house.

The house/apartment should have even number of doors while Vastu warns that a house should not have a total number of 3, 6 or 11 windows. On the other hand, a staircase is considered to be 'heavy'. Its preferred direction is South or West. Do not have a staircase in North-Eastern part of the house.

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